Webinar - February 26th - 2:00 PM EST

"Delivering Exceptional Cross-Channel Customer Experiences"

Today’s digital user experience (UX) work focuses on all of the self-service channels - IVR, web, mobile, and other digital platforms - which, among best-in-class companies, provide a seamless customer experience (CX).  Presenting a consistent brand, use of terminology, information set and ease of use are all part of this unified focus. Yesterday’s omnichannel vision meets today’s enhanced, cross-platform technology reality, in a world of ever-rising customer expectations!

IVR Doctors is teaming up with Chris Bond and Usability Concepts to provide a seamless evaluation process across various self-service platforms.  Chris will discuss “How to Design Exceptional Digital Experiences” alongside IVR Doctors’ updates to Usability Testing of automated phone systems - ranging from “simple” touchtone to the latest in speech and natural language.

Webinar - February 26th - 2:00 PM EST