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Webinar - February 26th - 2:00 PM EST

"Delivering Exceptional Cross-Channel Customer Experiences"

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Today’s digital user experience (UX) work focuses on all of the self-service channels - IVR, web, mobile, and other digital platforms - which, among best-in-class companies, provide a seamless customer experience (CX).  Presenting a consistent brand, use of terminology, information set and ease of use are all part of this unified focus. Yesterday’s omnichannel vision meets today’s enhanced, cross-platform technology reality, in a world of ever-rising customer expectations!

IVR Doctors is teaming up with Chris Bond and Usability Concept, LLC to provide a seamless evaluation process across various self-service platforms.  Chris will discuss “Delivering Exceptional Cross-Channel Customer Experiences” alongside IVR Doctors’ updates to Usability Testing of automated phone systems - ranging from “simple” touchtone to the latest in speech and natural language.

Meet the Speaker:

Chris Bond is a user interface consultant. He has conducted several workshops nationwide on web design and interactive telephone systems. Since 1984, Mr. Bond has provided human-computer expertise to a large west coast electric utility company. He has also conducted numerous usability tests and participated in a multitude of software development projects for other utilities across North America.


Mr. Bond has spoken at more than 50 professional conferences on usability, and has written more than 35 articles on user experience.

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If you would like to download the video, email

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