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2021 Energy Utility IVR Benchmark Report
       Gold Stethoscope Winners

Top Rated System - Overall

Top U.S. Electric Utility

Top Touctone-only System

Tops in Aesthetics

Versant Power - Horizontal.jpg

Top Canadian Utility

Nova Scotia Power - no border.jpg

 Top "Press or Say" Utility

Tops in Usability


Top U.S. Gas-only Utility

Tops in Functionality

SoCal Gas

Top Municipal Utility

JEA new.jpg

Top U.S. Combination Utility

NVEnergy North.jpg

Balanced Companies:

Top Quartile in Functionality, Usability and Aesthetics

Duquesne logo new 2016.jpg
JEA new.jpg
LCEC official 2019.png
Nova Scotia Power - no border.jpg
NVEnergy North & South.jpg
socalgas logo.jpg
UGI new 2021.jpg
Versant Power - Horizontal.jpg
IVR Doctors Gold Stethoscope Award

Top Electric Cooperative

LCEC from website.jpg
BM Report Cover 2021 shadow.jpg
PayPal buttons.jpg
Button - Payment by Invoice.jpg
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