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About IVR Doctors

IVR Doctors, a leading human factors and usability-consulting firm in evaluating and improving customer experience and system performance in automated phone systems, bases its success on delivering menu-development workshops and live, real-time customer testing, which reduce telecommunications expense, drive savings to the bottom-line, and increase caller satisfaction.


IVR Doctors also produces a comprehensive annual 100-company IVR Benchmark Report for the energy utility industry.


Clients across the U.S. and Canada have praised IVR Doctors for being focused only a better customer experience, and not selling hardware or software which otherwise might influence their consulting objectivity. These clients recognize that a deep understanding of their user’s experience is an ongoing, essential component in evaluating how their technology works for real people in the real world.


Mr. Camack developed an IVR practice in the 90’s, as Vice President at market research firms Aragon Consulting Group and Market Strategies, Inc. (Now Escalent), adding Mr. Brandt to the usability team as that practice grew.  With rapid advances in technology, the need for unbiased, customer-focused input has driven the practice’s growth.  


In addition to their expertise and focus on a customer’s automated phone journey, another key deliverable is that IVR Doctors teach client teams best-in-class menu design and call flow fundamentals. Clients have described how this allows their internal phone system team to become “guardians at the gate” or “the governance committee” in fending off ad hoc recommendations from untrained ‘experts,’ such as random comments from vocal customers or even well-meaning senior management, that might disrupt the majority of callers. When thousands, even millions, of calls a month are involved, this has proven to make a big difference.


Joel Morgan, who worked with Camack and Brandt at Market Strategies, became IVR Doctors’ Technology Director in 2013, as the practice had steadily grown and the demand for the IVR Doctors’ highly-diagnostic customer usability testing grew.  


As the marketplace of technology choices expands to include speech recognition, artificial intelligence, bots, and other often flavor-of-the-month technology, testing that technology with real people finds that some of it sounds better in the conference room than works in actual practice.


Based on their experience with automated system managers and callers to their IVRs, IVR Doctors now offer online “Move to Speech” and “Emerging Technologies" Workshops, in addition to its core usability services - menu and call flow design workshops, and live, online one-on-one customer testing of automated phone systems, whether touchtone, speech, or dual-modality systems. 


IVR Doctors is a (DBA) collaboration of Brandt Marketing Group, Greenville, South Carolina, and Camack Consulting, Inc., Wheeler, Oregon.


Updated 05/21 

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