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Have you ever compared your Brand Statement and your IVR?  continued

Brand statements should tell your customers how you want them to perceive your company, what it’s like to do business with you, and what they’ll experience when they do.  It should speak to your company’s “personality traits” in ways that connect to your customers.

If some of those are dependable, reliable, and professional, then that’s the way you want callers to feel when they do business with you by phone.

If their experience in your phone channel sends a different message, you’ve got a problem.

The hundreds or thousands calls you get each day are opportunities to reinforce your brand or to chip away at it. While we’ve heard callers say the IVRs they call give the feeling of a company who’s approachable and competent, we’ve also heard use words like irritating, uncaring, or even worse to describe that company due to the IVR.

Other often overlooked aspects of the way your IVR comes across to callers include:

  • the pace of the options and message it delivers

  • the pausing (or lack thereof) and intonation that helps callers grasp their choice in real time

  • how the technical quality of the call experience reflects on the company.

If you’re interested in how your callers feel about their call experience, click here.






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