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Peter Brandt

Peter Brandt has spent over 15 years specializing in IVR menu and script consulting. Previously, he worked for AT&T and several regional Bell operating companies in marketing and call center management. Mr. Brandt has facilitated usability tests and focus groups with more than 1,000 callers to IVR systems, and has helped more than 20 Fortune 1000 companies and countless conference workshop attendees save money from improved call routing, increased self-service efficiency, and improved customer satisfaction. IVR consulting clients include CVS Pharmacy, US Cellular, BMO Harris (Bank), and numerous energy utilities ranging in size from Southern Company to SMECO.

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Mark Camack

Mark Camack has conducted IVR menu and script consulting since 1990, building on his expertise as a customer satisfaction market researcher, usability specialist, and former call center manager. He is a recognized thought-leader in designing best-in-class menus and calls flow. Mr. Camack has helped countless Fortune 1000 companies on IVR menu construction and call flow efficiency. He is a frequent conference speaker and author on the topic. In addition, he has directed IVR benchmarking studies in several industries, including energy utilities, banks, credit card companies, and auto finance.

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Joel Morgan

Joel Morgan joined IVR Doctors in 2013, although our association with Joel goes back almost 20 years.  After several years in television production as a director of commercials and newscasts, he became the head of the Multimedia Production department at Market Strategies International. Following his 15-year career there, he started his own successful multimedia productions company, specializing in producing video, audio and graphics for the market research industry.  At IVR Doctors, he provides technical expertise, “Wizard of Oz” programming, video summaries, and IVR system voice work. Joel’s expert voice talent is available for your IVR.

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