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Don’t overlook the big impact of seemingly “little” things in your IVR menu design.  continued

When callers in real time cannot process some aspect of their call, the too-frequent next step for them is pressing ZERO or, when possible, saying REPRESENTATIVE or AGENT.

We see this happen in several situations, when callers feel they don’t hear a reason for their call or have been distracted and want to hear the choices again or realize they may have taken a menu path that is not helping and need to return to a previous menu to make another choice.  

Another time is when they have entered a set of identifying numbers and realize they have made a mistake and don’t know what to do?   

The answers are easy, but all too often are overlooked.

Callers should be given navigation tools too maneuver through the menus as they need, repeating select menus and/or returning to previous menus, either back to the Main Menu or, if well below that, perhaps back up one menu in the chain. Ending every menu with a “to repeat these options, press…or say…” and “to return to the Main Menu, press …or say…” solves the problem.

The second fix is just as easy: give callers an option to correct an entry. Once callers know they  have misdialed, don’t make them wonder what to do, simply follow the request for an entry with ”To correct an entry or start over, press…or say…” No confusion. No need to wonder what to do. No need to seek a way around and out of the IVR.

If you'd like to look for other "seemingly little things" that may be having an adverse impact on your callers, click here.






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