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As we all learn to deal with today’s world, IVR Doctors now provides our full range of consultations online via Zoom (with no subscription required and with password protected sessions); or, in some cases, by teleconference.


These online consulting sessions will include:

  • Energy Utility IVR Benchmark Report consultations
    In late spring, we will release our 17th annual Energy Utility IVR Benchmark Report, covering 100 IVRs.  We are offering the opportunity for Report purchasers to receive their “low hanging fruit” consultation - with our recommendations for improvement of Functionality, Usability and Aesthetics - upfront, before publication.  (These sessions will be via Zoom or via teleconference, at the client’s preference.)

  • IVR Workshops
    These are deep dive deconstruction and reconstruction of your IVR system. Typically five two-hour Zoom sessions over a period of 3 days.  We now offer customized, modular segments that best match the client's staff schedules.

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The Workshop are conducted over Zoom in five 2-hour modules within the course of one week.  The total running time will be one hour for the standard pre-session kickoff (3-5 weeks before the Workshop itself), eight total hours over two consecutive days and then a follow-up 60-90 minute “post Workshop” review of the final menus and call flows developed in the Workshop (within a week of the close of the Workshop).  


The schedule is be customized for each client, with the deliverable being the typical, complete 100+ page Workshop deck that documents the deconstruction and reconstruction of the menus and call flows, based on best-in-class design principles.  And there are no travel and expenses for IVR Doctors to attend in person!

We now have the ability to perform online IVR Usability Tests, including our popular Wizard tests.  Remote Usability Testing via Zoom will afford clients some significant benefits:

  • Reduced costs: No need to pay for focus group facilities or hotel conference room space; no need for travel and expenses for IVR Doctors.

  • Increased recruiting scope: Given that the tests will be conducted via links to your customers’ homes or offices, we can recruit from the entire service territory, not just from within driving distance to the facility.

  • Safety and security for your staff and your customers: All sessions will be conducted via Zoom.

Stay tuned, and stay safe… IVR Doctors’ best is yet to come!

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