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Getting your callers to help
build the case
for IVR improvement

You want to head down the IVR improvement road, but where to start? New technology or functionality might help solve some problems, that takes planning and budgeting, so what else productive can be done in the near term to start down that improvement road?


An IVR Usability Test (UT) is a powerful research tool that targets pain points in the caller experience and is the diagnostic of choice among many of your IVR peers, who wanted caller input into both near term and potential longer run improvement plans.

These online tests are one-on-one, diagnostic customer tests of proposed menus and/or applications that help isolate and identify specific problem areas. They have significant value prior to large-scale system introduction, but also pay off by diagnosing under-performing mature system menus or problem applications.

If you'd like to learn, even see, how IVR Usability Testing works and even talk with those who’ve found value in their UT, click here.

Peter Brandt & Mark Camack


IVR Doctors

Full agenda under development

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