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Gold Stethoscope Winners' Gallery - 2019

Congratulations to these teams for winning a Gold Stethoscope Award in our

2019 Energy Utility IVR Benchmark Report!

IVR Doctors Gold Stethoscope Award
Emera Maine.jpg

Allison Doughty, Amber Baird,

Pat Smith, Heather Carter

 and Sharon Buswell

BM Report Cover 2019_shadow - xprnt.png

Chris Floyd, Jamie Brown, Robert Growcock,

Landon Todd, Paul Bodenstein,

Angela Dubose and Ontario Blackmon


Nicole Moore & Shannon Brown

NV Energy.jpg

Gary Avin, Susan Sumerall, David Weiss,

Connie Patterson, Erik Martel & Sam Marquez

button-benchmark overview FOR 2019.jpg
button-benchmark companies FOR 2019.jpg
button-benchmark GoldSteth FOR 2019.jpg
button-benchmark pressrelease FOR 2019.j
Chris_Michaela Gold Stethoscope

Michaela Lynn & Chris Bond


Andrew Martinez, Thomas Olson, Karen Hengel & David Westlund

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