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April 2020

What Are Today's Increased Call Volumes Telling You About Your IVR?


The onslaught of calls to your IVR during the current pandemic has certainly gotten your attention. It’s gotten our’s, too, as virtually, all companies now have special IVR coronavirus/COVID-19 messaging. 


We’re in the midst of calling 100 IVRs for our annual IVR Energy Utility Benchmark Report and have heard many such messages.

Some estimates are that 25% more calls than normal each day are hitting what should be your high-efficiency, customer-satisfying call-handling system. 


How’s it doing with these new volumes and, likely, new callers?


  • Are too many calls reaching reps when an existing IVR option could easily handle the call?

  • Are callers hanging up unexpectedly part way through their call?

  • Are callers abandoning an application midstream to seek live help?

  • What are callers telling your reps they find dissatisfying about your IVR?

  • What has the added call pressure identified as your most serious IVR concern?


For other considerations about the impact of COVID-19 messaging on your IVR, click here.


IVR Doctors are here to help your IVR teams with what they’re experiencing today.


We can set up a short, free, online (e.g., Zoom) or phone-based consultation to talk with your team about its current issues, or to have a more complete discussion before* or after the 2020 100-company Energy Utilities IVR Benchmark Report is issued in June. Click the links above to take advantage of either or both these offers, and see below to see more about the Report.


*FYI, for the first time, IVR Doctors will offer pre-publication, “low hanging fruit” consultations with benchmarked companies. The Report will be published in June.

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