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IVR System Design Tips and Fails   continued

Press zero? Say REPRESENTATIVE or AGENT?  None of us wants to encourage unnecessary calls to reps.


One IVR fail that we often see are speech-enabled systems not recognizing what callers are saying or menus that are missing typical functionality that callers are expecting to find.

In any business, it’s relative straightforward to determine what the typical call types are, enough so that system grammar can recognize all the spoken key words or so that menu options reflect the most frequently-called subjects and have a special path for the outliers.

Of course menus cannot list all the reasons people call you, but there are proven, highly-effective ways to ensure that he majority of those reasons are offered to callers to reduce the frustration of not hearing the reason for their call, a typical dissatisfier.

To see how your IVR may ensure callers can hear what you offer in the phone system and reduce unnecessary calls to CSRs, click here.



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