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IVR Focus Groups

Our proprietary IVR Focus Groups provide unique insight into your system as seen through the eyes of your callers.


Input from a company’s own customers is invaluable (in fact, is critical) in finalizing effective menu wording and call flows. 


Focus groups help to evaluate general issues of system acceptance, use and potential confusion, and, when properly designed, can point toward corrective action to overcome customer errors in a system already in place, or when minor improvements or new applications are contemplated.

While IVR focus groups may seem at first like traditional focus groups, there are significant differences. IVR Doctors use a custom design and unique, proven methodology to enable unbiased, individual experience with your system and menus to be the basis for group discussion, avoiding ‘bandwagon effect’ behavior taking over and resulting in homogenized and less useful output.

In addition, the entire group’s attention will be directed to specific menu wording, wording alternatives, or both, to fine tune final production menus or mature system menus to revise poorly performing applications or call flows.



The IVR Doctors will facilitate an in-person feedback session on the day after the groups and present results, analysis, and specific menu, script and call flow recommendations to your IVR team. This will allow you to get back to planning and implementation promptly. 

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