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IVR System Voice

Not only does the voice of your automated telephone system send a powerful signal about your company, it can enhance - or hinder - a customers’ willingness to use it. We can help you achieve success here.


A critical aspect of a caller's interaction with an automated telephone system is the system voice.  Is it pleasing?  Trustworthy? Clear and concise?  Does it reflect the image of your company?


Years of study and research into high-performing IVRs have shown us the impact your system voice and its delivery of your options has on the end user and how to maximize the likelihood a caller will stay in the systems and not seek human intervention.


Subtle nuances in the voice, such as pace, tone, the proper inflection, and use of strategic pauses, and more play a significant role in system usability.


In addition, a voice that is calming, friendly and that matches your brand image is one that serves you best.


Listen to a sample, and call us to discuss your system and how IVR Doctors can give it a voice that projects a professional and effective image for your organization, one that works for increased call containment, not against it.

Voice Sample
IVR Doctors Voice Sample -
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For more information, contact:

Joel Morgan


System Voice Analysis

Let IVR Doctors give your system an independent, six-point aesthetics check-up geared to improving your IVR’s usability.


Based on their first-hand experience with callers to automated systems, IVR Doctors will give you tips on improving such elements as pace, pausing, tone, etc.


Have your system aesthetics work for you, not against system optimization.

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