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Solutions and Results: Delivering Strong ROI

Company A:

Company A achieved historical self-service highs, with solid caller satisfaction, and estimate $430k+ in potential agent savings attributed solely to their menu changes.

Company B:

Company B went from speech to “press or say,” after years of speech-only, and won a “President’s Award” in the process.

Company C:

Over nine years, Company C’s stable menus assisted incremental improvement in self-service utilization / call containment, as additional options were added and existing applications took a solid footing.

Companies D1 and D2:

2007 menu consulting and subsequent implementation of new menus brought Company D2 performance in line with Company D1.

Company E:

Company E reported $250,000 in telecom savings in the first 9 months after their cutover to “say or press.” 

The results on this page were presented publicly. 

The companies involved will be identified upon request.

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