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Word of Mouth can make or break for your IVR  continued

Of course, you can monitor calls, even hear what callers say to the system or to a third party, or read written complaints, but what you’ll get is only a blurry picture of the tip of the caller iceberg that is their dissatisfaction. You generally never hear their word-of mouth testimonial tirades to others, but they take place; they are persuasive; and they spread.

Knowing what your callers think and say about your phone channel and its associated processes does not have to be a mystery.

If it’s important for you to understand your callers and understand the effort and pain you put them through to do business with you by phone, let’s talk.  We’ve helped your peers get that information and fix troublesome processes. Click here to start the ball rolling and stop unfavorable word of mouth from destroying your reputation.


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