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Emerging Technologies and your IVR

The proliferation of new and interactive technologies offers the promise of having leading-edge technology become part of mass market consumers’ daily lives.


IVR technology vendors, who have a vested interest in promoting technology adoption, especially platforms that involve (often expensive) development, ongoing upkeep, and upgrading (e.g., speech), have significantly ramped up their marketing and sales efforts.

It’s easy to be enamored of “exciting” new demonstrations of technology. But ask yourselves: Do you have the resources, the likes of Apple, Amazon or Google, for the long-term support of such efforts?

With all the attention seemingly focused on the customer journey, is sufficient attention placed on how consumers, and in the IVR realm, callers, really feel about these new technologies? (Too many of these analysts, too, have a vested interest in the outcome.)

Learn more in our Emerging Technologies IVR Planning Workshop

A one-day, online look across the impact that various forward-looking technologies may have on callers to your IVR - from speech (in all of its variations), to chatbots and virtual IVR, to artificial intelligence, and more.

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We find that “customer journey mapping” can be an empty exercise, as is often devoid of first-hand, unbiased or significant customer/caller input. Keep in mind, “Just because you can (do it), it doesn’t mean you should.”

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