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Live System IVR Usability Tests
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Like a "Wizard of Oz" IVR Usability Test, a Live System Usability Test brings your customers into the loop from across your service territory.  Your customers, online and one at a time, connect via Zoom and are given role-plays. They then dial in to the

live and/or final pre-launch IVR system. Followed by a an in-depth discussion of the calling experience.

This is the best way to make sure that all of the technical and aesthetic elements work together and that the pace, pauses, tone, technical quality and image of the new system match your callers’ expectations. All key self-service applications can be tested,



Timely feedback. IVR Doctors will facilitate an online feedback session within days after and will present results, analysis, and specific menu, script and call flow recommendations to your team. This captures everyone's recollections while the learning is fresh and allows you to get back to planning and implementation promptly.

Importantly, soon after the tests, a video summary is delivered that shows the key takeaways.  These videos help justify changes to the IVR to stakeholders both inside and outside your company and are a good training tool for customer service representatives.

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