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"Wizard of Oz" IVR Usability Tests
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"Wizard of Oz" IVR Usability Tests bring your customers face-to-face with proposed new menus for in-depth analysis. They are the proven way to “get it right” before launch or to assess current performance issues. 


These online tests are one-on-one, diagnostic customer tests of proposed menus and/or applications that help isolate and identify specific problem areas. They have significant value prior to large-scale system introduction, but also pay off by diagnosing underperforming mature system menus or problem applications.

Menus derived from the online  IVR Workshop are programmed into our proprietary IVR test system.  Customers are presented with common tasks and then use the proposed system to complete them. IVR Doctors focus not only on whether the caller completed the task, but also on the critical element of the caller's experience while doing it for a deep dive look into how the option wording and call flow helped or hindered use of the IVR.

Typically, different role plays are performed by a carefully recruited cross-section of your caller base from across you entire service territory.  Ask us how you can save time and money with our “Wizard of Oz” testing.   SEE VIDEOS!


Significant time and expense savings. No need for your IT department or system vendor to schedule and program proposed changes prior to customer testing; IVR Doctors will handle that. (Launching without customer testing raises the risk of having to re-program and deal with initial customer reactions to problems they encountered that should have been caught and avoided upfront or initially.)

Timely feedback. In addition, IVR Doctors will facilitate an online feedback session within a few days after the tests and will present results, analysis, and specific menu, script and call flow recommendations to your team. This captures everyone's recollections while the learning is fresh and allows you to get back to planning and implementation promptly.

Importantly, soon after the tests, a video summary is delivered that shows the key takeaways.  These videos help justify changes to the IVR to stakeholders both inside and outside your company, and are a good training tool for customer service representatives.

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