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Speech and IVRs
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Probably the #1 question we get asked is "What about speech?"


The short answer includes a few key points:

  • Although speech recognition technology has been around almost 30 years in some form or another and has made tremendous strides in recent years, its day-to-day use in automated phone systems shows both potential and problems.

  • Despite what speech vendors might tell you, "press or say" is the evolving consumer-driven best-in-class standard.  (Speech vendors sell speech systems, not full-fledged customer focused solutions.)

  • Depending on your industry, speech may involve significant risk.  A gas or electric company cannot afford even a single failure for a GAS LEAK or WIRE DOWN call.

Learn more in our Move-to-Speech IVR Workshop

A one-day, online, comprehensive review of the impact of various implementations of speech into utility IVRs and what effect each may have on callers and system performance, with audio and menu examples. Explores the risks and successes that may be encountered with a variety design issues.  

In the Workshop, your menus are reviewed in detail against the criteria that address contextual, non-contextual and natural language systems.

  • Speech offers some significant benefits, especially in tandem with a press option.  In our online "Wizard of Oz" usability tests, where we build a prototype test system for you, we see callers seamlessly switch from one modality to the other - often without realizing it - based on what was easier at the moment. For example, it is easier to SPEAK an account number than enter it, and it allows one to complete a call while driving. But callers appreciate the ability to PRESS an option rather than saying a Social Security Number aloud, or saying PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS when others can overhear.

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