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IVR Workshops

Typically the place to start, these hands-on sessions deliver customer-proven menu, scripting

and call flow recommendations and train your IVR team in best-in-class design principles in

the process.

“The two day menu design workshop and subsequent customer usability tests ...exceeded our expectations."


Steve Pothier, Manager, Call Centre

Nova Scotia Power

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An IVR Workshop is the recommended first step for companies developing or planning changes to their automated telephone system.

Our IVR Workshops are in-depth menu and call flow analysis sessions with your cross-department or multi-function IVR management team, typically take a day and a half, and are often held offsite to minimize distractions.


Building on our extensive pre-workshop analysis of your menus and call flows, we work with your team to deconstruct, then reconstruct in real-time your Main Menu and key menus that flow from it.



You will leave the IVR Workshop with new menus, scripts, and call flows that have been based on the proven design theory behind high-performing systems, your system’s technical reality, and your customer care philosophy.


The collaborative give and take, as we review our analysis and recommendations based on best-in-class design fundamentals, is a key IVR Workshop deliverable, as your IVR team gets familiar with design rationale and becomes trained for future system analysis and management themselves.


Our practice is to develop scripts and call flows interactively in the IVR Workshop that can identify "quick hits" or "low hanging fruit" changes (i.e., short term, based on existing technology and quickly available resources), intermediate changes (e.g., that require some programming) and longer-term revisions, such as a change of modality or that might require more extensive programming.

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